Covid-19 Precautions and Information


We will have to discuss other CDC Certified and Phase One required disinfectants and attempts can be made to procure an alternative that is also odorless.

There is a 45min gap between appointments that will also ensure we practice social distancing to the extent possible around the actual massage time, with no risk of clients encountering eachother in the lobby.

I am running a medical grade air filter at all times. It cycles the room 2x per hour and filters to the size of your average coronavirus.

When you arrive for your appointment

Please proceed to the 2nd floor of the building. At the top of the stairs, keep left around/past the kitchenette. You will see a room (Suite 108) that has a table, chair and sink. Please wash or sanitize your hands and have a seat until I come out for you.

Restrooms, if needed, are next to the elevator to the far right at the stairs.

During your appointment

MASKS ARE REQUIRED. At all times, except when face down on the table. This is nonnegotiable. If you arrive without a mask, I will provide one at no charge.

After your appointment

I can no longer offer beverages, so please remember to bring your own water bottle! I will not restrict payment types, but will not have change if you elect to pay with cash, as I will be very conscious of my hand sanitization and handling of cash and checks. I will, again, open doors for you when we part.

Between appointments

I am using a 1.5% Hydrogen Peroxide solution to disinfect the doorknobs, the massage table, chairs, hot pad, and towel warmer. When doing a hot stone, stones are soaked in disinfectant. All laundry (yes, including blanket) is changed between clients. At the end of the day, all surfaces are given a thorough spray and wipe.

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Covid 19 Precautions

During these trying times we are all doing our best to make sure we are taking every precaution to protect our families and communities. To do my part, I am now requiring that everyone update their health intake form, including the Covid 19 waiver, prior to coming to the office for your next appointment. If you have not updated your intake form prior to your arrival, your appointment will have to be rescheduled. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but the safety and health of our community must remain a priority.

Please refresh this page and agree to update your intake health form, or visit the contact page to reach out to me.