Covid-19 Precautions and Information


We will have to discuss other CDC Certified and Phase One required disinfectants and attempts can be made to procure an alternative that is also odorless.

There is a 45min gap between appointments that will also ensure we practice social distancing to the extent possible around the actual massage time, with no risk of clients encountering eachother in the lobby.

I am running a medical grade air filter at all times. It cycles the room 2x per hour and filters to the size of your average coronavirus.

When you arrive for your appointment

Please proceed to the 2nd floor of the building. At the top of the stairs, keep left around/past the kitchenette. You will see a room (Suite 108) that has a table, chair and sink. Please wash or sanitize your hands and have a seat until I come out for you.

Restrooms, if needed, are next to the elevator to the far right at the stairs.

During your appointment

MASKS ARE REQUIRED. At all times, except when face down on the table. This is nonnegotiable. If you arrive without a mask, I will provide one at no charge.

After your appointment

I can no longer offer beverages, so please remember to bring your own water bottle! I will not restrict payment types, but will not have change if you elect to pay with cash, as I will be very conscious of my hand sanitization and handling of cash and checks. I will, again, open doors for you when we part.

Between appointments

I am using a 1.5% Hydrogen Peroxide solution to disinfect the doorknobs, the massage table, chairs, hot pad, and towel warmer. When doing a hot stone, stones are soaked in disinfectant. All laundry (yes, including blanket) is changed between clients. At the end of the day, all surfaces are given a thorough spray and wipe.

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Frequently Asked Massage Questions

Returns, Refunds, and Deposits

  • No refunds or returns on prepaid services, services rendered, and/or gift certificates. They are, however, transferrable, exchangeable, and do not expire.
  • Gift certificates and prepaid services older than 3 years are honored at 50% their original value.
  • Deposits are only required after a 4th no-call, no-show. Payment at the time of booking is not required.

Cancellations and Tardiness

  • As a chronic migraine sufferer that is susceptible to environmental triggers, I am grateful for your understanding that sometimes I become ill very suddenly. Because I can end up rescheduling last minute, I am very understanding that life happens and do not charge if you give me less than 24hrs notice of cancellation.
  • I do ask that you give me as much notice as possible, as I do for you. The more notice I have, the more possible for me to fill the appointment space.
  • When you are 10 minutes late, I will text to see if you are ok. If I don’t hear from you by 15min past your scheduled time, it is an assumed no-show. If you let me know you are running late, we will get you on the table for as long as can be accommodated by my schedule.


One of us has to cancel and your massage was prepaid at booking.

Cancelling will not result in a refund to your card, instead your prepaid amount will be stored as a credit on your MassageBook profile for later use.

You get your dream job and are moving out of state next week. You have 3 prepaid massages left on a package.

I will do my best to fit around your schedule to get you in before you leave! And any remaining credits on your profile can be transferred to friends or family members as gifts.

You were in an accident and purchased a treatment package for 30minute massages, but feel better after two. You really miss longer appointments.

We’ll exchange the three 30minute massages for a 90!

I found a gift certificate for a 60 minute from 2013 while cleaning, can I use it?

After three years, prepaids depreciate by 50%, but never go away. You have a 30 min credit!

What can I expect to happen during my appointment?

Please take a moment to review changes to protocols here.

When you arrive for your appointment, we will spend a few minutes chatting to go over any questions or concerns you may have and explore how I might best help you satisfy your goals. That would be the time to disclose any allergies, surgeries, injuries, or medical conditions you may have in your past or present. After we agree on a course of treatment, I will leave the room to let you disrobe and get cozy on the table. Level of undress is always governed by your comfort. If you are not comfortable with being fully undressed, that is completely ok and we can tailor your massage around any articles of clothing left on. At all times, your modesty will be protected by diligent draping of the sheets and blanket. I use a hot pack and steamed towels. If at any time you are too warm or not warm enough, let me know and I can adjust. I will check in periodically, but if any technique or pressure is uncomfortable for you, please let me know so I can change my course. When the massage is over, I will leave the room to let you enjoy a few moments of peace before you rise and dress. When you are ready to face the world, simply open the door and I will bring you water and we'll talk about the session and aftercare suggestions. We can also talk about individualized treatment plans for your future.

Will my massage hurt?

No massage should ever be more painful than you can handle comfortably. It is not uncommon for therapeutic massage to "hurt so good", but there is a difference between that and being painful. If a stroke or pressure is enough to make you want to hold your breath, it is making you tense against my pressure and we won't get anywhere. I'm pretty good at picking up on how my clients are doing, but we all have those "surprise" tender spots. There are so many ways to achieve the same effects on the muscles, do not think you have to "ride through it". We can change to a different technique that is less painful.

What kinds of massage do you offer?

"Specialty"? It seems such a simple and common question, but I always falter when asked if I have a "specialty". I love the variety in my massage practice. However, I will admit to being what I call a "neck geek". Because my own migraines led me to massage therapy, I have spent a great deal of time learning the neck, shoulders, upper back, and jaw very thoroughly. I think my own issues have lent me an understanding that makes my work with neck and head pain effective.

Swedish Relaxation: The bread and butter of massage! Most massages incorporate some amount of Swedish Massage. It is the flowing, kneading, rhythmic stroking that gets your circulation going,tissues warmed up, and eyelids drooping. Pressure can be light to moderate.

Deep Tissue Massage: After your muscles are generally warmed up, we can move into deeper, slower strokes intended to break up tensions that create holding patterns in less than ideal postures. Pressure can be broad or specific or pointed, and ranges from moderate to intense.

Trigger Point Therapy: Trigger points are sensitive knots usually found in injured or overworked muscles. They are best known for being very tender themselves, but they can also cause radiating pain in an entire muscle complex, some very active trigger points can cause nerve impingement symptoms in areas away from the point itself, and almost all declare themselves with a twitch response when pressure is applied. Trigger Point Therapy can be extremely helpful in releasing you from chronic pain, but the treatment does usually require a commitment to a treatment plan to be most successful. Trigger Point Therapy can be some of the most tender therapeutic massage work, but as always, we will work within your comfort.

Prenatal Massage: The expectant mom needs pampering too! Maybe even most. My first love in the wide world of massage, I have massaged through all stages of pregnancy and even been a labor coach. Prenatal massage is much like any other massage, just specific to the aches and pains associated with the body changes Mom is going through, and an awareness of how best to compensate for things best left for post partum treatments.

Hot Stone Massage: Smooth, comfortably warm stones are used to rub out tensions and bring on a refreshing flush of circulation. There are many different types of Hot Stone Massage, and I have opted to offer mine in a 90 minute slot, because I like to integrate them into my massage in such a way that you still get the sensitive and specific work from my hands, but the deeply relaxing and soothing pressure of the stones. Truly something everyone should experience at least once.

Will I be sore

The most undeniable and demonstrable effect massage has on the body is the movement of bodily fluids. During a massage, lymphatic fluid and blood are pushed out of your muscles and through your vessels, bathing your tissues with fresh nutrition and dumping lingering waste materials (or "toxins") into your lymphatic system, where your body will eliminate them like it is designed to do. You will be advised to drink plenty of water, as being hydrated enables your body to do its work more efficiently. Other aftercare, such as ice or stretches, may be advised to help prevent soreness. Some of the more intense techniques can have a higher risk of soreness, but most people say it is better than the soreness that brought them to seek massage in the first place. Some medical conditions, like Fibromyalgia, and medications can increase the chances of you feeling sore, and that is another reason why it is always important to discuss health conditions and medications with me before your massage, so we can be prepared and informed together.

I love the online scheduling idea! But, how do I know my appointment has been scheduled?

I love that "phone tag" has been taken out of the equation. You should always get a confirmation email after you book your appointment. If you haven't received one, check your "junk" folder, and if still nothing, try again or contact me to make sure your spot is reserved. You will also receive a "reminder" email a day or two before your appointment.

You said you get migraines, are they better?

The short answer is yes, they are better, but not resolved.

I was 7 or 8 when I had my first remembered and identifiable migraine. My current diagnosis is “frequent recurring intractable cyclic migraine.” It is much easier to say “chronic,” so I do. Despite the past 30 years of research and therapies, I still begin experience prodrome (the stage before aura and nausea) every day. I have good and tested management strategies, have identified most of my triggers, and no longer spend 3-5 days a week in bed. However, I do have environmental triggers beyond my ability to control and do experience 2-4 migraine days per month at this time.

These triggers include:

  • Strong perfumes, particularly with musk, geranium, or rose absolute
  • Suave, White Rain, and Halo products
  • Herbicides and pesticides
  • Severe changes in barometric pressure
  • Air pollutants like smoke and pollen

I can generally manage 1-2 triggers, but the more that stack, the higher the chance I will have an attack.

Don't see your question answered here? Please contact me!